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Public Information Statement
National Weather Service Indianapolis IN
630 AM EST Tue Nov 10 2020

This week is Winter Weather Preparedness Week in Indiana. How should you drive when snow occurs? What should you do if stranded by a blizzard or ice storm? Are you weather ready?

When Winter Storm Warnings or Winter Weather Advisories are issued consider changing your plans before you leave. If you travel, provide others your planned travel route, expected arrival time, and a phone number to be reached at.

The Indiana State Police reminds drivers the following: always obey all posted signs; adjust vehicle speed according to weather, road and traffic conditions; allow plenty of space between vehicles for extra stopping distance necessary when roads are slippery.

The Indiana Department of Transportation reminds you to keep a safe distance behind snow plow operators. If salt is hitting your vehicle, you are following too close. Avoid passing snow plows on two lane roads. Also keep in mind bridges and overpasses often become icy first. Snow and blowing snow can cause sudden
restrictions in visibility. Remember, ice and snow, keep it slow.

If you are stranded in a snow or ice storm stay with your vehicle as it provides dry shelter and protection from the cold and wind. You are also more likely to be found with your vehicle than if you leave it to seek shelter. Walking even a short distance in blinding snow storm may quickly get you lost. Damp clothes and bitter wind chills quickly lead to frostbite or hypothermia.

While stranded with your vehicle, run the motor and heater just enough to warm the vehicle. Keep the exhaust pipe snow-free and a window open slightly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. Make your vehicle more visible by attaching a bright colored cloth on the antenna. At night, turn the dome light on.

On Wednesday we will look at winter weather safety considerations for schools.

Visit for more information about winter safety.


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